A Minecraft world with characters on top of a mountain


Don't just watch - play

Sure, watching someone else play is fun. But on Mixer, you can do a whole lot more. Give streamers a helpful boost, or make their victory more challenging. Immerse yourself in the detailed stats of your favorite eSports player. Or join in the spontaneous and hilarious chaos that ensues when MixPlay is enabled. Experience interactions that are deeper (and more fun) with MixPlay.

New MixPlay experiences

  • Raise the stakes

    • Alter the riding conditions to make downhill mountain biking more extreme.
  • Join in an adventure

    • Give players a health boost
    • Drop in extra enemies
    • Add loot for the player
    • Spawn helpful items
  • You decide

    • Vote on decisions in story
  • Join the session

    • Command the forces for good and evil
    • Support forces by spawning Echoes and cheer on good or evil
  • Attack or defend

    • Attack the Streamer: Join the attackers team to launch asteroids, rockets and enemies at the streamer
    • Defend the Streamer: Join the defenders team to drop in smart bombs, weapon upgrades and energy for the streamer
    • Be the best: On screen leaderboards display the top 5 attackers and defenders

How MixPlay changes the game

Gamer connecting with others on MixPlay

Connect with the community

MixPlay lets streamers and viewers come together in new and unique ways beyond chat. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next co-op partner or your next multiplayer opponent.

Minecraft characters

Real time influence

MixPlay changes the experience for everyone. Viewers can give streamers a helpful boost, or add challenging obstacles to overcome.

Smite game play on Mixer with connections displayed

Get an additional view

Don’t want to play along? That’s cool. MixPlay also enhances streams with overlays, stats, leaderboards, and more. Just watching is a whole different experience.