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Streaming is better this way.

Mixer is where viewers and streamers come together in new ways. See the hottest games in action, share your own gaming adventures, and join in for amazing fun.

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Season 2 is here

Now there are more powerful ways for players and viewers to connect, collaborate, and celebrate gaming. See which new features you can start playing with now, and get ready for more big updates coming soon.

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Change the game

When MixPlay is enabled, anything can happen. On Mixer, streamers and viewers are more connected than ever before. Tune in to vote on dialogue and decisions, help or challenge streamers in their games, and even summon mobs in Minecraft. Or use MixPlay to enhance streams with overlays, stats, and other useful information.

Image of the HypeZone logo
Collage of mulitple screens of competitors in the HypeZone

See the stream
of the crop

Catch the most exciting moments in gaming. HypeZone automatically switches between the streamers that are closest to winning it all. It's nothing but the best of the best.

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Image of four gamers' screens streaming the same game together

4 player co-streaming

Join up with friends and stream together. With co-streaming, you and up to three friends can chat and stream your gameplay in a single viewing experience—even if you're all playing different games or on different platforms.

Image of a tv, laptop, and Xbox One S showing near-zero latency playing Forza

Stream faster

Other platforms can leave you waiting. On Mixer, stream with less than a second of latency—that's Faster Than Light technology. Streams are so fast and so clear, it's like everyone is in the same room.

View of an orc watching something on a mobile phone

Watch wherever you are

Keep up with it on your Xbox One console, the web, or on your mobile device with the Mixer app.

Image of broadcast menu, selecting the 'Start Broadcast' option Image of the mobile phone Mixer App screen with a Streaming icon

Stream your out

With just a few quick clicks, you can broadcast your games from your Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC—no extra software required. And with the Mixer Create app on iOS and Android, you can stream your mobile gameplay directly from your phone and on the go.